Fins Aquatics

Fins Aquatics can be contacted on 01708 855950

Fins Aquatics is a seperate company based within the grounds of Thurrock Garden Centre.
They have 6000 sq' concession and 4000 sq' of outdoor pond accessories making them one of the largest displays of preformed pools, cascades in southern England both fibreglass and plastic, a size for every need.

With over 400 pieces in stock during the pond season at any one time such as lilies, marginal’s and oxygenating plants as well as a pond department specialising in pond equipment stocking pumps, filters, ultra violet lights, treatments, paints, hoses, plastic ducks and lilies with frogs on and much more it is well worth a visit!

Indoor they have over 180 freshwater aquariums with thousands of fish in stock ranging from guppies, mollies, barbs, plecos, whiptails, and many more, even piranhas

Their marine section includes 25 aquariums of fish and invertebrates from clowns to sea horses, live rock is stocked along with R/O and ready mixed salt water to make you marine keeping easy

As well as a large selection of new aquariums to view in their aquarium showroom where they specialise in the beginner along with the experienced paying particular attention to the Juwel Aquarium.