Outdoor Plants

Informed and trained staff are available to help you plan your garden. All our trees & shrubs are guaranteed to grow 3 year guarantee, with proof of purchase & the plant has been reasonably cared for.

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Bedding Plants

Our bedding terraces at Thurrock Garden Centre, throughout Spring and Summer, are filled with an extensive range of Begonias,Geranium,Lobelia,Marigolds and Petunias plus trailing Bacopa,Calibrachoa,Fuchsia,and Surfinia Petunias all for a fantastic summer display.

We have also reintroduced Bizzy Lizzies this year following their unfortunate problem 3 years ago. We will of course be keeping a careful eye on these.

Plants that climb or ramble add a vertical dimension to a garden by transforming walls and fences; they will effectively disguise dead trees or stumps, sheds or unsightly areas; they’ll happily clamber over trellises; they bring colour to the dullest corner or the straggliest thin hedge. Fragrant climbers such as jasmine, scented roses and honeysuckle can help mask the smell of dustbins, while evergreen climbers provide cover all year round

Our range of conifers include something for every garden, from the tall and graceful to the tiniest pot plant. We have a good selection of Chamaecyparis,Cryptomeria,Cupressus,Juniper,Picea,Pinus and Thuja all year round.

Ask a member of staff if you are unsure which is right for you.


Our range of Special Moment roses are most popular. They make great gifts for anniversaries,birthdays,memorials or just to say thank you. We also stock Floribubda,Hybrid T, Patio,Climbing ,Standard and David Austin Roses.


At Thurrock Garden Centre we pride ourselves on helping you to find the right shrub for the right place. We have divided our shrub section into shade,sun,low growing,medium-tall,evergreen and Thurrock favourites, which have been selected for their popularity,hardiness and are easy to grow.

All our shrubs are guaranteed for 3 years.

Please ask a member of staff if you need further assistance.