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14 May 2018

Want to Grow Your Own Runner Beans?

Soak your been seeds on tissue paper in water overnight see them swell by 3 times, plant 3 to 6 beans in a 4 inch pot- germination takes about 2 weeks then separate the seedlings out in the ground or in a pot and support them with can...

16 Apr 2018

We are excited to announce that our Spring/Summer 2018 menu will be available from Thursday 19th April!

Choose from our favourite dishes plus some new and exciting ones, including Fajita Chicken Wrap or Tuna Nicoise Salad.

21 Mar 2018

We are so EGG-cited that we have 4 chicks hatched so far!

We arrived this morning to find 1 chick had hatched and then by lunchtime we had 4! Once one chick emerges, they encourage the others to hatch by chipping away at the eggs with their beaks and by chirping.

The chi...

19 Mar 2018

On Monday 19th March, 10 fertilised eggs arrived at the Garden Centre. We hope by Wednesday 20th March, we will have some cute, fluffy chicks to share with you that will be here until Thursday 29th March.

We are so EGG-CITED!

Why not visit us at the garden centre and see...