At Thurrock Garden Centre, we are constantly trying to reduce our impact on the environment.

In Woody's Restaurant, we have displayed our 'Sustainability Journey' through what we do to 'Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle' and Biodiversity, Community & Social Responsibility. This can be seen below.



The Refill Cabin visit the Garden Centre every Saturday and are situated in the car park with Ermintrude their Eco Cabin; their mission is 'REDUCE PLASTIC WASTE ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER AT A TIME!'







Did you know we have a 'Refill Station' in Woody's Restaurant? Our Refill Station is helping power the Refill Revolution, helping everyone to live with less plastic. By offering Refills of water, we are making it easier for everyone to choose to reuse, and Refill! Our station can be found on the Refill App, so people can find it see what type of Refill we offer as well as other locations nationwide.

Refill Cabin





Peat-Free Policy

At Thurrock Garden Centre, we understand the environmental consequences of extracting peat. We encourage alternative growing means and support this at the garden centre.
Currently, we have the following Peat-Free Policy in place which demonstrates the ways in which we do this.

Ban on sales of peat based compost for gardeners will come into effect in 2024. However, the Government have confirmed it will not be extended to the professional horticulture market until 2030. You can read more here about plans to ban peat in the professional horticultural sector.






Here at Thurrock Garden Centre, we have recently had 149 solar panels installed on the roof of Woody's Restaurant.

Did you know?

- The solar array on our roof will cut out our grid demand by almost 25%.

- This will produce enough electricity to power seventeen 3-bedroom homes for a year.

- Collectively, the panels will generate over 50,000kWh's of clean power per annum, which, over their lifetime, has the same benefit as taking 1.1m car miles off the road or planting 14,800 trees!