Breakfast with...

Breakfast with...

MORE INFO    Join us on Wednesday 29th May for our Breakfast with.... event.

Start & Finish times
The event starts at 9:30am and finishes at 10:30am.

Who needs a ticket & what's included?
Everyone that attends this event is required to purchase a ticket - 3 options:​

-"Child's Ticket" £15- (applicable for children age 12 months & over) must be purchased for all children aged 12months and over at the time of the event- they will have a cooked breakfast* or cereal & toast and a meet and greet at their table with the character. Adults can only attend with a paying child & each adult requires an "Adult Ticket.

*Cooked Breakfast includes a sausage, a hash brown, scrambled egg, baked beans & half a toasted English muffin. A selection of cereals will be provided if cereal & toast option is selected when booking.

When booking, please state whether the child would like a child's cooked breakfast OR cereal & toast, as well as any allergies/dietary requirements. Please note, our kitchen is NOT a nut-free environment. If this is not specified, a cooked breakfast will be provided for the child.

-"Baby Ticket" FREE - a child aged under 12 months (at the time of the event) - can attend with a FREE "Baby Ticket" - AS LONG AS THEY ARE ATTENDING THE EVENT WITH A PAYING CHILD. FREE tickets do not include and food or drink.

If not attending with a paid child, children under 12 months WILL NEED to purchase a "Child's Ticket." Every booking made MUST contain a "Child's Ticket."

-"Adult Ticket" £8 -ALL adults attending will require a pre-booked ticket which you to a pre-ordered Breakfast Bap & refillable tea or coffee.

One Bap Filling (bacon, sausage, fried egg OR vegan sausage) must be pre-ordered on the booking form as well as a refillable coffee or tea (does not include speciality teas or coffees,) or water.

You may take your own photos with the character at your table, but please remember he needs to see all of the children before 10:30am.

Food will be served a table at a time. Additional food may not be purchased from the Kitchen on the day but food from the Servery can be purchased. Only pre-ordered food from the kitchen will be served to those attending the event.