Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea roses produce large, shapely flowers from high-centred buds on long, straight stems. They produce one flower per stem which makes them great for using as cut flowers. They usually repeat flower between summer and late autumn. They are sparsely foliaged compared with some of the other roses and are winter hardy. They can be grown as a bush or a standard rose and to complicate things somewhat, some varieties can also be classed as climbers due to their growth habits.

Hybrid tea roses like to be grown in a sunny position that has shelter from strong winds.  They dislike shade and like their “space” so do not over plant the area around your rose as it will most likely sulk.  They like a well drained soil and actively dislike being too wet around their roots. If you are planting into a wet soil or a heavy clay/silt soil then you will need to add grit/gravel to the soil when planting to aid drainage. 

When planting put a good feed into the bottom of the hole and the back fill soil such as Bone Meal to help root development and establishment.

Correct pruning is vital to get the best flowers from your Hybrid Tea rose particularly if you want to harvest cut flowers from it.  They are best pruned in early March just as they begin to show signs of growth.  Ensure your secateurs are sharp to give the cleanest cut possible.

  • Remove and dead, diseased or damaged stems

  • Remove any crossing stems to ensure the centre of the bush has adequate airflow to aid in the prevention of mildew and black spot. You are aiming for an open goblet shape.

  • Prune the remaining stems back hard to 10-15cm (4-6 inches) above the base.

  • Any weak or older less vigorous stems can be shortened 5cm further to encourage stronger growth.

  • Always remove any fallen leaves and debris from around the base of the plant at all times of the year to help prevent the risk of pests and diseases.

  • Feed your rose using a rose feed or a good alternative such as pelted chicken manure, fish and bone meal to encourage root and foliage growth.

  • Later in the growing season you can feed using a general purpose of fruit and flower fertiliser.

Some excellent cultivars of Hybrid Teas, include some of our Special Moment roses:

-Rose Silver Anniversary

-Rose Silver Wedding

-Rose Nostalgia

-Rose Chandos

-Rose Peace

-Rose Diamond Jubilee

-Rose Timeless Purple

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